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Committee in charge of passports and nationality inspects Ras Ajdir border crossing

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency - Zuwarah.

On Sunday, a committee appointed by the Director General of the Passports and Nationality Authority visited the Ras Ajdir border crossing. They met with the director and members of the passport control office.

The director of the office of the Ras Ajdir border crossing, Col. Najmi Muammar, said in a telephone conversation with #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency that the committee is charged by the Director General of the Passports and Nationality Department, Brigadier General Jumaa Gharibeh, who on Friday made a surprise visit to the crossing. On the problems and difficulties experienced by the Passport Office at the crossing, and to identify deficiencies and supplies and provide them to the office and provide a full report to the Director of the Authority.

He added that the committee discussed with a group of members of the office and recorded the difficulties and problems facing members in performing their work and how to overcome them so that the member can provide the best services to the traveler.

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