About us

Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA is an independent Libyan news agency specialized in reporting news and gathering information about the humanitarian and environmental conditions. Together with cultural, artistic and sports activities and everything related to the Libyan situation and the political, economic and social life. It gives insights on the necessary things to know about Libya and its people.

The Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA provides news stories about all the above-mentioned fields for all local and international media. It is ready to provide correspondence and special media coverages through its extensive network of field reporters who have been carefully selected and thoughtfully trained.  They guarantee the coverage of news for all the people in Libya and from the field.

Agency Ownership

The Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA was established under exceptional and special circumstances. It is an independent media entity which belongs only to Libya and the people living in Libya. Being so, the agency is for all the people in Libya and it will be theirs. It aims at establishing a public media concept, supporting its existence and pushing towards including it as a paragraph in the upcoming Libyan constitution. The agency has the honor of being the essence and beacon of this concept.

Public Policy

The Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA has always worked on maintaining complete independence away from all the political, economic and social disputes, and cooperating with those who have the same objectives in order to provide basic services.

Financial Policy

Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA is a non-profit agency. It is financially independent and does not accept donations and aid. It does not allow any government institutions or foreign investments in its activities. Its goal is to have a balanced account allowing the self-financing and developing the agency’s work and future. It provides special coverages and basic activities related to its domain.

International Relations

The Libyan Cloud News Agency LCNA participates in and effectively contribute to organizations, institutions, commissions, trade unions, international and local trade unions in order to consolidate and achieve its goals and make it a success through cooperation, alliance, affiliation, and assistance as its potentials allow.

Editorial Guidelines

  • LCNA’s news relies on multiple, independent, reliable and diverse sources.
  • LCNA fact checks to verify the credibility of news before publication and avoids spin.
  • The principle of fairness and the right of reply is part of the editorial policy of LCNA.
  • LCNA uses neutral terminology and nomenclature adopted in its glossary. No opinion included.
  • LCNA will not hesitate to issue corrections to any material it publishes if found incorrect, or containing any errors.
  • Protection of journalistic sources is guaranteed as regulated by law.
  • LCNA correspondents must distance themselves from any suspicions of corruption and bribery. They are not allowed to accept any kind of gifts as compensation for their work.
  • LCNA pursues the principle of balance, respects an individual’s privacy and religious beliefs.
  • LCNA adopts international professional standards of news, in accordance with the legal framework and the agency’s basic principles.

Professional Responsibility

  • LCNA correspondents must distance themselves from extremism and exaggeration. They must abide by the ethical standards of their profession. It includes their activity on social media and other forms of media. They are also to alert their colleagues who don’t abide by these rules and urge them not to do it again as it will reflect negatively on the professional reputation of LCNA.
  • LCNA rejects hate speech and inciting violence, does not engage in libel and slander, except when crimes are committed as part of its journalistic responsibility.
  • LCNA abides strictly to minimizing harm.
  • LCNA correspondents cover news objectively and impartially. Their political affiliation and ideology must not in any way reflect on their news coverage.
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