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A local group expresses concern over the possible failure of efforts to restore stability to Libya

Libyan Cloud News Agency

The Sons of Libya Group expressed its concern about the possible failure of efforts to restore stability to Libya.

In a statement, the group also expressed its fear that the presence of foreign forces and mercenaries will lead to the division of the country and the creation of areas under foreign control, which constitutes a clear obstacle to resolve internal conflicts and stabilize the country.

The group’s statement indicated that the countries that have a military presence with regular and mercenary forces in Libya will not allow the election of a president who has the powers to restore full sovereignty to Libya.

The group noted that the ceasefire agreement concluded on October 23, 2020 calls for the exit of all foreign forces and mercenaries without exception, and considers it the most important step to restore stability to Libya and that any efforts that do not include all the provisions of this agreement will result in an unsustainable solution and may lead to a worse condition than it is now.

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