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Workshop in Tripoli to introduce Libyan-Libyan General Conference

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The preparatory committee of the Libyan-Libyan General Conference held a workshop on Saturday in the auditorium of the Tarqrift School in Tripoli, in the presence of the Mayor of Abu Salim, civil society institutions, the National Reconciliation Council, the Council of Elders, the Students’ Union, the Youth Forum and mayors of Greater Tripoli.

The workshop gave introduction about the Libyan-Libyan General Conference, the Libyan national security, the national reconciliation and the role of youth in the transitional period, with the aim to raise awareness and educate youth and push civil society institutions to work with the conference and express their views on the mechanism of the stages of the conference.

At the end of the workshop, the attendees came out with a set of recommendations, the most important of which was adherence to the Libyan identity.
The attendees called for a national reconciliation and establishment of principles for accepting and discussing freedom of opinions.
They also introduced solutions to the obstacles and problems experienced by the Libyan families at home and abroad as well as the role of students in universities and educational institutions. They also demanded that any upcoming political settlement should be for the sons of Libya.

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