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The French field hospital provides medical services to more than (600) medical cases in the city of Derna

The French field hospital located in the Shiha area in the city of Derna provides medical services in various specialties to citizens, including surgical operations, as it is equipped with an operating room with full equipment in addition to a care room, radiology, a pharmacy, and several other departments.

The hospital’s chief physician, “Isabelle Lagno,” explained to the Libyan Cloud News Agency, “We arrived last Sunday and since that time we have received more than (600) cases, and we did not notice any case (of plague), and there is no problem of this kind related to the flood that occurred.”

“Isabelle” added that this hospital was equipped with the same infrastructure as French hospitals, and has all departments, where approximately (21) surgical operations have been performed to date, through the presence of a surgeon who performs most of the surgeries.

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