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An African worker makes mats from scirpus 

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Bint Bya

Farmers in the municipality of Bint Bya in Wadi Alajal district are complaining about the spread of scirpus in their farms.

The farmers said that scirpus plant is one of the harmful pests to agriculture, as the plant is not eaten by their livestock and it damages and weakens their crops.

But Al-Zubair, a worker from Niger, has been working for more than two years in the manufacture of mats of various sizes from the harmful plant scirpus.

Al-Zubair and his two companions start the daily work by harvesting the plant, leave it to dry for four days, and then work begins on it to make mats. 

The farmers and citizens of Bint Bya want their children to learn this craft in order to get rid of this harmful plant that has always bothered them and caused damage to their crops.

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