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Municipal council Tukra meets with the Labor Office

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A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Municipal Council. The Mayor of Tukra Municipality, Mahmoud Al-Shuraima, the Director of the Labor Bureau, Omar Al-Arifi, and the member of the Municipal Council of Ibrahim Al-Abdali, discussed the Resolution No. (15) of 2018 issued by the Prime Minister of the Interim Government Abdullah Al-Thani (223 to 2018) issued by the Minister of Labor, Dr. Massoud Soh, to set the conditions and certain births to be appointed as born (1971, 1993).

“After our meeting with the Labor Office, an additional week was given to job seekers who met the conditions of appointment and did not find their names in the lists of appointments and want to submit and fill out grievance forms to look into their situation, solve their problems and seek to include them in the list of appointees.

The director of the Labor Office said that the share of Tukra municipality and the target number approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (552) researchers, confirming that all administrative procedures have been terminated in terms of appointment jewels. And then will be assigned to the sectors both according to its competence.

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