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Financial grant for projects that achieve the goals of social peace

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The Jafra Community Partnership announced a grant of 30,000 Libyan Dinars provided by the Initiative for Peaceful Change. The project will address a specific problem within Jafra that aims to achieve social peace or peaceful coexistence.

Potential topics: Access to high quality architectural environment, the equitable distribution of social, economic and cultural opportunities, accessibility of vital services, the contribution of all segments of society to democratic processes, the sense of security and confidence in society and the ability of different groups to engage in dialogue and to share ideas.

The community partnership explained that the deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, 8 October, provided that the project proposal provides a detailed and comprehensive cost, target group and place of implementation. The project must be a service that has a rapid impact on the community or target group of the project. The project must be well structured and easy to audit, evaluate and financial accounting, and the proposal should submit a print and photo facility in the form of a PowerPoint if possible.

The project will be provided in the name of the community partnership in Jafra. In the case of accepting the project, the community partnership team will cooperate and coordinate with the project owner to start implementing, assisting and supervising the implementation of the project and there are no wages or bonuses for the project owner.

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