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The Fezzan Youth Movement threatened to close oil fields again

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Ubari

The Fezzan Youth Movement in the city of Ubari announced that they would close oil fields again as a protest against the government’s marginalization of 15 demands of the residents of the south regarding improving the standard of living and services.

The demands included improving security in the south to achieve stability, activating the government office in the south, opening a branch of the National Oil Corporation in Fezzan, establishing an oil refinery, implementing the Geneva Agreement on sovereign positions and paragraph 2.8 of the Dialogue Committee agreement, establishing a fund for the reconstruction of Fezzan and allocating one billion dinars to the south.

They also demanded representatives from the south in the Libyan Investment Authority and the diplomatic corps at a rate of 33%, appointing an undersecretary in each ministry, a membership in the Central Bank, and supporting the health sector in the south.

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