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An investigative report: A bad neighbor or a good neighbor?

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Mellitah

The people living in the areas near to the oil fields and installations complain about the consequences of the oil industry on the environment and the surroundings, describing it as “a bad neighbor”.

On its part, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) believes that all its workers in the oil fields and installations are committed to preserving the environment and the surrounding areas and they are applying local and international standards, describing all the oil projects of its companies and partners as “good neighbors for the surroundings”.

There are many news reports about the delivery of medical devices to a hospital, a water pump to a municipality, or the delivery of a laboratory to a school by the NOC to its neighbors. At same time, news reports confirm that the NOC exported hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil and millions of cubic feet of gas per day from those areas.

And between the complaints of the people and what the NOC is saying, our investigative report sheds the light on the environment and the surroundings of one of the oil and gas installations on the Libyan coast. The report provides facts, figures and proven cases of the health status of the neighbors, which unfortunately the NOC and its partner refused to reply to.

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