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A seminar on the role of media in Libya ended in Tunisia

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tunisia

A seminar on the role of media in Libya was concluded in the city of Hammamet, Tunisia, on Wednesday.

The seminar is part of the project “Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation”, which It is implemented by the Deutsche Welle Academy (DWA) and funded by the European Union.

The seminar focused on the role of free and independent media in promoting the transformation process in Libya, with the participation of a number of journalists, bloggers and activists from various Libyan cities.

The seminar aimed to enhance media culture by paving the way for a comprehensive media narrative for Libya. 

The agenda of seminar included six interactive workshops aimed at raising public understanding to increase media awareness and narrative, as well as enhancing the role of local and international media in educating the public, in addition to motivating journalists and activists to report and share local stories for their communities to identify best practices and solutions to the challenges they face.

One of the participants and speakers, Murad Bilal, told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that fact-checking is a new tool used to make sure of information after the emergence of the term misleading facts, beginning in 2016.

He expected that the next electoral process next December would face a wave of misleading information, adding that the seminar aims to help journalists to identify and handle conflicting and misleading information.

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