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Libyan and Indonesian workshop on fish farming techniques in Libya

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

Tripoli Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Fisheries, held a workshop under the theme “The Reality and Prospects of Developing the Fishing Industry.”

The President of the Chamber Faraj Dribel, the Ambassador of Indonesia Mohammad Ma’ruf, the Chairman the Chamber of Maritime Navigation Riyad Shadi, and the Chairman of the Communication Committee of the Tuna Protection Society Hussain Al-Jaafari  attended the workshop.

The Director of International Cooperation and Development at the Indonesian Ministry of Planning, the Director of the Indonesian Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Center for the Development of Maritime Fishing Technologies also participated in the workshop via ZOOM.

The workshop focused on ways of reviving fish farming techniques in Libya, and their administrative and logistical benefits.

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