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Women activists meet in Tripoli to call for holding elections

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

A meeting of women activists was held in Tripoli on Saturday to support elections.

The Minister of State for Women’s Affairs sponsored the meeting, which was held under the theme “Together for Elections”, in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba and a number of ministers and representatives of civil society organizations.

In his speech, Al-Dabaiba affirmed his support for Libyan women to have a bigger political role in the upcoming elections.

He said that there will be a national women’s movement to enhance the political role of women in Libya and their active participation in the elections, declaring that 26 April will be an annual event to celebrate National Women’s Day.

The Minister of State for State Affairs, Houria Al-Termal, told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that all Libyan women present in the meeting demanded elections and rejected extension of mandate of current political bodies.

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