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Jalal Othman: We have the power to suspend any media outlet that commits serious violations

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The General Authority for Monitoring Media Content has recently announced the results of its first report on violations committed by Libyan media institutions.

The head of the authority, Jalal Othman, told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that the authority was established on the recommendation of the Media Restructuring Committee, which was established according to the Prime Minister’s decision No. 148, to monitor violations, hate speech and misinformation.

Othman pointed out that the authority is carrying out two basic tasks which are documentation and monitoring, and issuing judgments and auditing.

He disclosed that the authority will organize an international meeting this July that includes Egypt, France, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco during, to come out with recommendations for media monitoring in the Mediterranean region or on the Maghreb side.

Othman confirmed that the authority has the right to stop any media outlet that commits violations, through the office of the Attorney General, but this will be very difficult to implement unless there is a stable state with an elected president.

He went on to say that the authority will work to raise awareness and give training courses to private and public channels and agencies.

Othman explained that the reason for not publishing the report is due to the lack legal protection for the members of the authority.

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