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National Coalition for Democratic Building offers road map out of crisis

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A meeting of the National Union for Democratic Construction in Tripoli discussed the current situation and searched for a roadmap for finding solutions for the country to get out of the crisis.

The participants in the meeting presented a proposal that included several points in the general principles. In its first paragraph, it stated that the Libyans support to the Libyan territorial integrity and all parties desire to put an end to the armed conflicts and agree on a political solution to the Libyan crisis. They also agreed that the interest of Libya lied in building up civil society and that they rejected all forms of terrorism and extremism. They agreed to build strong relations with all countries of the world, especially with neighboring countries.

The National Union for Democratic Construction in Tripoli consists of the National Federation of Trade Unions of Libya, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli, the Women’s Union, the Greater Tripoli Teachers’ Union, the Association of Contract Editors, the Association of Doctors, the Greian Coordination for Support and Development, the Benghazi Organization, the civil society organizations in the Bawanis Valley, the Al Mezan Organization for Human Rights in the South, the Libya Organization for Agriculture and the Environment in the South and the Mawtani Association for Culture and Charity.

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