Migration and Human Rights

Seminar about migration, its dimensions and implications

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Tripoli.

The International Islamic Advocacy Association held a seminar on “Illegal Immigration, Dimensions and Implications” at its headquarters in Tripoli, in the presence of a number of officers from the Ministry of the Interior, the Anti-Illegal Immigration Authority, the Coast Guard and Port Security, and representatives of international and local organizations in the field of migration. The Libyan Red Crescent, a number of doctors at the National Center for Disease Control, and a number of officials, academics and students of the College of the Islamic Call Society attended the seminar.

The symposium dealt with several issues: e.g. the social repercussions of illegal migration, the legal framework of migration, the international conventions and agreements, the security and health implications, the implications of the phenomenon on the Libyan society, the housing centers and their problems, and the lack of possibilities and services offered to migrants.

Video presentations that explain some important details of migration conditions and the suffering of migrants in the desert and the sea.

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