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A Libyan activist questions the UNHCR’s services in Tripoli

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Misurata

An activist and researcher at Biladi Human Rights Organization, Tariq Lamloum, has described the services provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through its office in Tripoli as “far away from reality”.

“Whoever reads what is published by the UNHCR about the services it provides in Tripoli thinks that things are going well and that everyone gets health care, aid and psychological support, but this is not the case,” Lamloum remarked.

He said that the UNHCR does not put in mind the difficulties faced by the needy people to reach its location in Karaymiya district such as the distance and the security situations.

Lamloum added that the UNHCR receives the needy people in the location for only 90 minutes per day.

He pointed out that the fee of the round-trip taxi ride to the location is 60 dinars, which many people cannot afford.

He also questioned the ability of women and underage girls to reach the location amid the security situations in Tripoli.

Another question Does UNHCR assume that all IDPs can access the Internet and communicate with it (availability / cost)?

Lamloum wondered if the UNHCR really know these conditions or not.

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