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Workshop on radiology in Tripoli

#Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli.

On Monday, the Center for Radiation Measurements and Training organized a workshop entitled “Ionizing Radiology Applications and Prevention”. It was organized in in cooperation with Al-Fouz Center for Consultation and Training under the auspices of the Civil Society Commission.

The workshop focused on ionizing radiation specifically on uses, doses, radiation and genetic mutations, radioactive contamination and radioactive waste, nuclear safety and radiation protection, radioactive elements in the oil industry, regulatory and legislative framework.

The Chairman of the preparatory committee, Widad Al-Abani, told LCNA that it was the aim to review the potential pathways of exposure to workers in the field of radiation and ways to assess the risks, and highlight the importance of safe handling of ionizing radiation in accordance with international requirements and standards in order to ensure the safety of workers, society and to protect the environment from the harmful effects of radiation.

A second topic was the definition of the legislative framework.

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