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Lecture on use of historical buildings in Tripoli as museums

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Engineer Abdulmutallab Abu-Salem delivered a lecture on Wednesday evening at Dar Hassan Faqih Hassan Center for the Arts on the use of historic buildings in the city of Tripoli as museums. The lecture was part of the semi-monthly lectures program of 2018 that is organized and supervised by the Libyan Society for the Revival of Cultural Heritage.

The researcher gave a lecture on the historic buildings in the city of Tripoli, which were used as museums – including the Museum Complex in the Red Saraya, the Islamic Museum, the Libya Museum at Al-Khald Palace and others.

The records of some museums, which were originally historical buildings and royal palaces, were mentioned in the lecture, indicating the importance of museums in the field of tourist activism and increasing national income. Preservation of the urban and cultural heritage in the city, the lecturer pointed out that Tripoli has 30 museums while other cities in Europe contains more than 100 museums.

According to the lecturer, the Antiquities Authority alone is authorized to establish and manage museums, and it is necessary to support and encourage the establishment of specialized museums, museums of individuals and museums for public bodies.

In an interview with the chairman of the Libyan Cultural Heritage Society, Jamal Al-Lafi, said that the society is interested in reviving Libyan cultural heritage in all its aspects. Its focus is on educating the citizen about the most important characteristics of the cultural heritage, the Libyan architectural heritage, its historical stages and the differences that distinguish it from any other human heritage, with the aim of removing the confusion and distortion of our heritage. Cultural lectures will be held until the end of this year, as well as other activities within its proposed implementation programs.

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