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The Libyan government of Bashagha held a meeting in Derna

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Derna

The Libyan government headed by Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha held its second cabinet meeting in Derna city on Tuesday.

In a press conference following the meeting, Bashagha spoke about what the city of Derna needs in terms of reconstruction and maintenance after the approval of the general budget by the House of Representatives, including the completion of the Derna Court of Appeal building, the completion of the construction of the Derna seaport, the maintenance of the infrastructure for the stadiums and the maintenance of the buildings damaged by the war.

Bashagha announced an initiative to enhance consensus with the various Libyan parties, saying that this initiative aims to expand ​​communication with all parties and military forces to unify efforts and reach the stage of construction and peace.

He explained that the initiative is based on a set of principles, the most important of which are preserving Libya’s sovereignty, preventing foreign interference, preventing armed confrontations, respecting Libyan legitimacy, building security and civil institutions according to international standards, and fighting corruption.

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