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Protest march for residents of Al-Jumah area

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The residents of the Al-Jumah market area protested on Sunday evening in front of the municipal council against the war in the south of Tripoli and the shelling of civilian houses. The protesters raised slogans condemning this war, destruction, shedding innocent blood and undermining security as the violence causes physical and psychological losses.

They called upon the warring parties to abide by the truce and ceasefire and to work towards a final solution to this crisis. They also demand the competent judicial and security authorities disclose and announce all those involved in the criminal acts of unjustified killing, theft and indiscriminate shelling.

In the implementation of arrangements for the protection of civilians, they called on all Libyans to intensify efforts to contribute to support the stability of the security of Libya, in addition to the solidarity with the affected and displaced.

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