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The Public Prosecutor to refer 54 ISIS suspects to the court

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The Public Prosecutor has decided to file a criminal case against 54 defendants to the judiciary.

After completing the investigations, the Public Prosecutor accused the 54 defendants of belong to the ISIS group and committing crimes that threaten the security of the state, both internally and externally.

In a statement, the Office of the Public Prosecutor pointed out that the 54 defendants have been accused of joining a banned organization under the provisions of the Basic Law and the Penal Code; planning to overthrow the constitutional system of the state and replace the form of government and basic systems by using violent means; using bombs, explosives, and booby-traps to achieve the purpose of their organization; and committing acts of vandalism and mass killing with the intention of compromising the integrity of the state.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor added that a court session will be held on July 27 to look into the files of the 54 defendants before submitting them to the criminal court.

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