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The NOC and oil and gas companies condemned the arrest of NOC’s board of directors Abulqasim Shanqir

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) condemned the arrest of a member of the NOC’s board of directors Abulqasim Shanqir on Saturday upon his arrival at Mitiga Airport in Tripoli.

Oil and gas companies also condemned the arrest including Al Harouge, Akakus, Nafusa, Mellita, Arabian Gulf Oil, Al-Jawf Oil Technology, Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Manufacturing, National Company for Supplying Oil Fields and Ports, and Sirte Oil and Gas Production and Processing Company.

The NOC and he oil and gas companies considered his arrest a violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Law No. 10 of 2013 regarding the criminalization of torture, enforced disappearance and international conventions ratified by the Libyan state.

They demanded the competent authorities in the Libyan state to disclose the fate of Shanqir and secure his safe return to his family as soon as possible without restriction or condition.

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