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Arab communities displaced as a result of Clashes south of Tripoli

#Libyan_Cloude_News_Agency – Tripoli.

The school of Ahmed Ben Shtouan, located in the Dhahra area, is located within the municipality of Tripoli. The center is surrounded by families of Arab communities. Displaced people from the areas of Qasr Ben Ghashir, El Sawani and El-Khalleh escaped the clashes in the suburbs south of the capital Tripoli.

A member of the Libyan Red Crescent Information Office, Asaad Jafar, told the #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency that the center includes 50 families, or more than 150 people. “We are trying to provide them with the necessary food, health care, and lodging bedding, but we need support and assistance. The door is open to those who would like to help these families.” “We are in a very bad situation, although the Red Crescent members are doing their best and we thank them for their efforts, but we still need assistance because we are in classes in a school that is not ready to be a place for accommodation and accommodation but circumstances,” says one displaced woman. “The clashes forced us to go out in search of safety.”

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