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35 kg cocaine seized by the anti-drug agency

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Al Wahat.

The Drug Enforcement and Psychotropic Substances (OAPS) seized a major group of drug suppliers after an ambush in Jalo.

“Three months ago, we were informed about a group supplying neurological drugs in Jalo“, said the head of the control service, Colonel Abdelkader Ambia. “The detectives monitored the group. The city in coordination with a collaborator with us, and was lured to one of the rural streets.“ Ambia added that the smuggles were seized in a Toyota Tundra and that during the following clashes an officer was hit and wounded by a bullet.

Colonel Ambia added that the smugglers were Chadians who tried to smuggle the cocaine to Egypt. He added that in the week before, another drug band was arrested.

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