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Workers between peaceful demonstrations and salaries suspended

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A number of workers in companies and factories demonstrated peacefully in front of the headquarters of the Prime Minister in Tripoli. It was the fifth time that officials did not pay to their demands to release of salaries suspended four years ago and the provision of raw materials and operational requirements for their companies and factories of 70 companies and manufacturers to spin the wheel of production after a stop.

14,000 people work in these companies. They demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the International Mission of support in Libya or the deathboat migration to Europe in the event of ignoring the President to implement their demands or continue to procrastinate by the legal administration to resolve their case through the offer of salaries for four months only, in accordance with the minimum salary of 450 LL in violation of the salary decisions issued by the President.

The demonstrators carried banners with their loaves of bread, two telephones expressing their inability to provide bread for their children. In the same company and this exacerbates the financial problems of the family and gives more suffering to children.

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