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UNSMIL is to hold a virtual meeting for the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum

Libyan Cloud News Agency

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSML) announced that it will convene a virtual meeting for the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) on 26 and 27 May.

UNSMIL said that the two-day virtual meeting will finalize the proposed constitutional basis for parliamentary and presidential elections to be held on 24 December 2021, as agreed by the LPDF Legal Committee during its meeting in Tunis from 7- 9 April 2021 and during subsequent consultations facilitated by UNSMIL.

It added that the results of meeting will be submitted to the House of Representatives and the High Council of State for their consideration, noting that the 1st of July is the deadline for the constitutional and electoral framework to be in place, as called for in Security Council resolution 2570, to enable the High National Elections Commission to proceed with electoral preparation.

UNSMIL expressed regrets regarding recent attempts to misinform the public opinion and undermine the political process in Libya by circulating fake documents claiming to be the “constitutional framework for the elections,” on social media. It encouraged the Libyan public and interested parties to refer solely to documents issued by UNSMIL and available on its website and official social media platforms.

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