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UNSMIL calls for calm and the rule of law in Libya

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tunisia

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has called all Libyan parties for calm, the application of the rule of law and the preservation of the rights of all citizens to express their views peacefully.

In a statement on Saturday, August 29, UNSMIL indicated that Libya is witnessing a dramatic turn of events that underlines the urgent need to return to a full and inclusive political process that will meet the aspirations of the Libyan people for representative government, dignity, and peace.  

UNSMIL said that it’s concerned about the excessive use of force against demonstrators in Tripoli as well as the arbitrary arrest of a number of civilians.

It also expressed concern about reports of on-going human rights violations and abuses in Sirte, including the killing of one civilian, the arbitrary arrest of several others, and the illegal forced entry into private properties

UNSMIL concluded that the use of hate speech and incitement to violence appears designed to further divide Libyans, increase polarization and tear at the country’s social fabric at the expense of a Libyan-Libyan solution.

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