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The Student and Youth Forum held in Tripoli

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The Student and Youth Forum was held in Tripoli on Tuesday with the aim to build peace and promote stability in the country.

The Presidential Council and the Student Center sponsored the forum.  A member of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi, government ministers, and university students from all Libyan cities participated in the forum.

In a speech, Al-Lafi stressed the role of the Libyan youth in the success of the national reconciliation project, with their presence from all regions to emphasize the nation’s cohesion and unity.

He highlighted the role of youth in building the nation, saying that Libya will not rise without the hands of its youth.

In his turn, the President of the Student Center Udai bin Jaryd expressed his thanks for the Presidential Council’s support for this forum with the presence of students from all regions of Libya carrying messages calling for peace and stability.

A member of the Student Center, Abdul Hafeez Tarish, said that more than 150 students are taking part in the forum, noting that the forum program will include workshops to come up with recommendations that will be submitted to the Presidential Council.

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