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The National Forces Alliance issues a statement

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The National Forces Alliance (NFA) has issued a statement regarding the current situations in Libya.

The head of NFA, Khaled Al-Marimi, stated that the alliance still sees the path of dialogue as the only way out of the ongoing crisis, indicating that the language of arms, negligence and exclusion will only create more discrimination.

He called on the United Nations Support Mission to adopt clear criteria for choosing whoever represents the Libyan people in the negotiations, to be held during the coming period.

The head of the coalition stressed that the quota system has not and will not resolve the Libyan crisis, calling on all groups of the Libyan people, especially the Libyan youth who represent (70%) of the population, to assume their responsibilities during this period and to be the first observer of the negotiations and the work of the UN mission.

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