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The Head of UNSMIL stressed the importance of holding HoR session in Sirte

Libyan Cloud News Agency

The Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Jan Kubis stressed the importance of holding the House of Representatives (HoR) session on Monday, March 08, which is the first since several years.

Kubis emphasized that this session, which was called for by the HoR Speaker, Agila Saleh to thoroughly discuss and eventually consider a vote of confidence to the cabinet line-up proposed by Prime-Minister designate Abdelhamid Dabaiba, is another important step towards restoring the unity and legitimacy of Libya’s institutions and authorities, in order to achieve the unity, sovereignty, and stability of Libya.

He added that these efforts must not be derailed under any pretext, including through the circulation of fake news, such as the text message circulated today about UN investigation of bribery allegations.

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