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The Head of the EU Delegation sends a message to the Libyan people

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The Head of the EU Delegation in Libya, Alan Bugeja, has sent a message to the Libyan people after one year from the offensive on Tripoli.

Bugeja said that the LNA offensive on Tripoli happened at a time when all people were looking forward to the UNSMIL facilitated National Conference, which would finally usher the country towards stability.

He stated that the offensive had caused hundreds of civilian casualties, and left hundreds of thousands of people displaced.

“The destruction of homes and civilian infrastructure, billions lost in oil production, even wider divisions among Libyans and a deteriorating quality of life,” he indicated.

He said that the Libyan people are facing another danger which is the coronavirus, adding that the EU and its member states have been calling for a humanitarian truce to contain the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the French Embassy in Libya has called for the immediate resumption of oil production under the National Oil Corporation and the fair distribution of oil wealth.

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