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The General Services Company in Tripoli continues its anti-encroachment operation

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The head of the Steering Committee of the General Services Company in Tripoli, Mohamed Bin Ismail, told the Libyan Cloud News Agency that the demolishing of encroached buildings is within the jurisdiction of the company’s emergency department.

Bin Ismail declared that the anti-encroachment operation is currently taking place within the scope of the three municipalities of Tripoli Center, Abu Salim, and Al-Andalus as a first stage, while in the second phase; it will include the municipalities of Souk Al-Jum’ah, Tajoura, and Ain Zara.

Bin Ismail explained that the company is implementing a plan that has been approved since 1995 in joint coordination with the Urban Planning Authority.

He added that the most prominent challenges facing their work are the culture of people as some people do not put garbage in its specified places and others tamper with the contents and trees of city parks.

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