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The European Union calls for the immediate resumption of NOC operations

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tunisia

The Delegation of the European Union in Libya, in agreement with EU Member States embassies accredited to Libya, expressed Wednesday, January 22, deep concerns over the suspension of oil operations.

The EU delegation called for the immediate resumption of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) operations.

It said in a statement that the distribution of Libya’s wealth and resources, including oil revenues, should be transparent, accountable, fair and equitable between different Libyan geographical areas.

It urged all parties to ensure that NOC is able to fulfil its vital mandate unimpeded on behalf of all Libyans. 

It recalled the need to respect and safeguard the integrity, unity and lawful governance of NOC as Libya’s sole independent and legitimate oil company.

“All parties in Libya are urged to seize the opportunity presented by the Berlin process to address the key political, economic and security issues driving the Libyan conflict,” the statement noted.

The EU delegation also called all international actors to commit to refraining from interference in the armed conflict in Libya.

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