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Teaching staff at Bani Walid University held a protest

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Bani Walid

Faculty members at Bani Walid University organized a protest in front of the headquarters of the university’s general administration.

The faculty members denounced what they called the unilateralism of the university president regarding all matters relating to the university without consultations with the university’s scientific council.

They accused the president of bypassing his duties as president of the university by directly interfering in all financial and administrative procedures at the university.

The faculty members demanded the settlement of the administrative and financial conditions of the teaching staff who were appointed by Resolution No. 119 and Resolution No.72, in order to contribute to covering the severe shortage in some specializations.

The faculty members held the Ministry of Education and the Presidential Council all the consequences of neglecting their legitimate demands, threatening to stage an open sit-in if their demands were not met.

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