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Protesters call for release of prisoner “Abdallah Snoussi”

#Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency – Tripoli.

A number of people and members of the Al-Mararha tribe gathered Saturday morning in Algiers Square in Tripoli. They asked for the release of one of their sons, the prisoner “Abdallah Amhamed Al-Snoussi” in accordance with local and international laws in force.

The Libyan territorial integrity, the preservation of Libyan blood, the renunciation of hate speech and violence, the support of national reconciliation and civil peace, the preservation of the sovereignty of Libya, and the rule of law and institutions guaranteeing the rights of all its citizens through legislation.

Senoussi was the chief Libyan intelligence officer in the Gaddafi regime and one of his most important leaders in addition to his social ties with Gaddafi.

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