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Press conference of the spokesperson of the Government of National Unity

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The spokesperson of the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Hammouda, held a press conference in Tripoli on Wednesday to brief the journalists about the outcomes of the eighth regular cabinet meeting.

Hammouda said that the Ministry of Finance forwarded the state salaries for the month of October to the Central Bank of Libya for disbursement with pay rise for 600,000 employees in the education sector.

The cabinet agreed to establish an economic zone of a special nature in an area called “Silk Valley”, and gave permission to contract new projects in the city of Sabha related to the water sector, where four projects worth 285 million dinars are being implemented.

The cabinet also agreed to establish the National Media Council with the participation of civil society organization.

According Hammouda, there will be a special institution to monitor news and media violations, in addition to another institution for the regulation of radio stations.

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