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National Police Day: “Our covenant for the security of our homeland”

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The Ministry of the Interior in the Government of National Accord GNA marked the National Police Day under the slogan “Our mandate for the security of our homeland” on Monday evening. It will remain at the Al-Khald Palace in Tripoli. The President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, was present and number of ambassadors and diplomats, officers and non-commissioned officers of the police and some guests.

The President of the Presidential Council began his speech by greeting the martyrs of the duty. He congratulated the police officers on their day, referring to the security plan. According to Serraj, the plan took its first steps to spread security and make the city of Tripoli safe and stable. Seraj praised the efforts exerted by all.

The program included sports performances presented by the members of the Union of Police Sports, in addition to some poetry poems talk about reconciliation and injected the blood of the sons of one country.

At the end of the ceremony, the martyrs of the duty were honored at the Ministry of Interior by the head of the Martyrs’ Families Welfare Office, as well a number of members were honored who have completed their period of service in the sector and have been referred to retirement.



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