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National dialogue forums started to establish the High National Reconciliation Commission

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The spokeswoman of the Presidential Council, Najwa Wahiba, announced in a press conference held in Tripoli on Sunday the launch of the national reconciliation program, and the establishment of the High National Reconciliation Commission.

Wahiba said that the file of national reconciliation is one of the main tasks assigned to the Presidential Council, according to the outcomes of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum agreement in Geneva.

She clarified that members of the commission and its structure will be selected through nationwide dialogue forums starting from Monday, May 31.

“Five national forums will be held throughout the country to establish the structure of the High National Reconciliation Commission and lay the foundation stone for it.” She said.

She revealed that the dialogue forums will include five tracks including the legal track, track of youth and women leaders, track of religious leaders, municipal councils and social committees track, and track of civil society and academics.

She indicated that these tracks will be limited to a one-month time frame dedicated to national reconciliation and the establishment of the commission.

The spokeswoman noted that the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and the African Union, will participate in the five tracks with consultations and technical expertise, under the leadership of the Presidential Council.

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