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Meeting of municipal deans and heads of local councils in Tripoli

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The Ministry of Local Government in the Government of National Accord organized the meeting of the mayors of the municipalities and the heads of the local councils in Libya Tuesday in Tripoli.

The meeting was titled “Path of Decentralization and Transfer of Jurisdiction step towards the stability of Libya”. The First Vice President of the Supreme Council of State, Naji Mukhtar, the Ministers of Local Government and Health, Labor and Rehabilitation, the State for the Affairs of Displaced and Displaced Persons, the Chairman of the General Authority for Culture, and a number of ministries and employees were present.

“We know that the municipalities have not been transferred to the terms of reference, but we have prepared a strategic plan since December 2017. With the support of the German Foundation for Cooperation GIZ, we will present today the results of this work and establish a mechanism with the municipal deans and the Ministry of Local Government in the mechanisms of applying the transfer of competence, which must be carried out gradually so as not to burden more on the municipalities.”

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