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Meeting of deans of Libyan municipalities in Tripoli

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The deans of the municipalities of Libya held a meeting in Tripoli on the topic of the path of decentralization and the transfer of jurisdiction step towards stability of Libya.

The meeting concluded in Tripoli on Tuesday. The deans of the municipalities issued recommendations including condemning the violence that took place in Tripoli and the events in the southern Libyan. They also demand the government to assume its responsibilities to protect the security of the homeland and the citizen. And they stressed on the need to resume the reconciliation and disarmament. They highlighted the role of state institutions, and they emphasized the implementation of the outputs of the meeting on the events of the capital, and to accelerate the implementation of security arrangements, as well as to activate the reform the economic agenda.

The municipal deans stressed in their recommendations to expedite the activation of the municipal regulations and to issue the organizational structure of the municipalities within two weeks from the date. They also mentioned the need to expedite the procedures related to the transfer of competencies to the municipalities, the need to create an appropriate environment with the ministries concerned to transfer jurisdiction, health, municipal guards and public works. The starting point will be the General Company for Cleaning Services Tripoli and the rest of the other companies, and the search for ways to develop sector offices in all municipalities.

The participants in the forum recommended the necessity of circulating the reports of decentralization workshops with the municipalities to give their views in particular, and to benefit from the local and international experiences related to the transfer of competences to the municipalities, and to call for the need to form committees to communicate with the relevant authorities by transferring the competencies, central elections for municipal councils.

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