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Media authority: Women do not have proper attention in media

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The General Authority for Monitoring Media Content said that its semi-annual report on media interests, whose results were announced on August 18, 2022, showed that women’s issues do not receive sufficient attention.

The authority indicated that the results also showed the absence of programs directed at educating women in the field of health, political action, and human rights, as well as programs that address issues that women suffer from such as inheritance.

It explained that women in Libya suffer, like other women in the region, from marginalization in terms of assuming leadership positions, especially in the middle management, and they also suffer from violence and electronic harassment, yet the media does not keep pace with this with any kind of awareness or support.

The authority considered that Libyan television and radio programs portray women as mothers who raise children and do household works such as cooking and cleaning.

It called on all media outlets to place women’s issues among their priorities, give them real opportunities in political life, promote the employment of women in private, governmental or public media institutions, and to increase the number of programs directed for women.

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