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Libya to hold its first-ever presidential debates

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli.

Libya will hold its first-ever presidential debates soon, a group of Libyan debate and civil society organizations announced in a joint statement today. The statement published by The Libyan Commission on Presidential Debates Under the banner “Libya Decides” shortly before the upcoming elections.

The commission composes of the Libya Debates Organization, Bawader Organization, the Sebha Debate Club, and the Ehsan Development Organization, in addition to The Munathara Initiative, a regional organization, which will act as the technical partner for the project.

“We are united in our belief that constructive, inclusive public debate has never been more important than at this critical juncture for our country. Recognizing that no single Libyan institution alone can organize credible candidate debates ahead of the upcoming elections, we hereby form the Libyan Commission on Presidential Debates (LCPD),” the statement says.

The statement emphasized that all current and future LCPD members must publicly commit to principles of democratic, inclusive, and fair debates, to be fully independent from any political stakeholders, and to ultimately strengthen Libyan citizens’ knowledge of candidate positions on key issues before casting their ballots.

In accordance to the commission that after months of preparation and planning, during which several meetings were held with the Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC), a project plan to share with HNEC and its technical partner, the Munathara Initiative, at the Commission’s press center. Candidates will have equal opportunity to present their competing visions for the country and programs will be televised live through a single, unified feed open to all broadcasters.

The LCPD also published a call for civil society organizations from across Libya to contribute to the project through awareness-raising campaigns. The call is open to all organizations wishing to be a part of the effort, share the Commission’s values and principles, and can contribute to the raising awareness around “Libya Decides

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