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Libya International Conference on Stabilization and Reconstruction Policies

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

Preparations are underway to hold “Libya International Conference on Stabilization and Reconstruction Policies”.

The Libyan Youth Organization for Development and Peace will organize the conference in Sirte city in the coming days under the theme “Building Libya is a solidarity responsibility to achieve stability and development” with local and international participation.

The Executive Director of the organization and chairman of the organizing committee, Ibrahim Al-Bastami, explained that the conference aims to search for positive solutions through scientific research papers in order to come up with satisfactory results that would help in achieving stability, peace, reconstruction, growth and prosperity for the citizen.

Al-Bastami indicated that the conference can contribute to presenting a clear national plan for the policies of restoring stability and reconstruction and promoting sustainable development and advancing it in the organizational, human, financial and technical aspects to achieve a strategic vision with clear features.

He explained that one of its desired objectives is to clarify the steps and strategies followed by the state and its partners in achieving sustainable development goals to achieve stability and reconstruction and to adopt a regulatory framework to achieve the goals of sustainable development and reconstruction plans.

The organizing committee of the conference identified the main agenda according to the local, regional and international influence, noting the absence of the vision and economic project of the State of Libya.

The five themes of the conference are:

  1. Social recovery
  2. National reconciliation, policies and mechanisms
  3. Social justice and non-discrimination
  4. Social responsibility
  5. The internally displaced
  6. The externally displaced
  7. Illegal Immigration
  8. Libyan youth, reconciliation and development
  9. Libyan women and community participation
  10. Mechanisms of psychological and social support
  11. Mechanisms of repairing the social fabric in the post-war period
  • Political recovery
  • Policies and mechanisms for national dialogue and political consensus
  • Foreign interventions, consequences and dimensions
  • Mechanisms to eliminate the armed conflict on power and extremism
  • Peaceful transfer of power
  • The role of the Arab League in the stability and reconstruction efforts in Libya
  • International organizations, the role and mechanisms of support
  • The role of the African Union in the stability and reconstruction efforts in Libya
  • The role of the United Nations in the stability and reconstruction efforts in Libya
  • Security Council, the role and challenges
  • Economic and institutional recovery
  • Good governance and enhancing transparency in management
  • Administrative and financial corruption in the government apparatus, dimensions and consequences
  • Dependency and debts of Libya
  • Spatial development and small enterprises
  • Mechanisms of funding reconstruction strategies
  • Mechanisms to ensure continuity of development aid during the reconstruction period
  • Mechanisms for continued financial support for planning and reconstruction
  • Urban recovery and strategic planning
  • Mechanisms for preserving the historical and cultural heritage
  • Demographics and tribes, mechanisms of persuasion and containment
  • Construction mechanisms according to regional and local urban planning
  • Clauses and advanced contracts in reconstruction
  • Human capacity building Strategies, rehabilitation
  • Urban planning mechanisms, cities – villages
  • Benefiting from the experiences
  • International experiences in national reconciliations and agreements
  • Asian experiences in stability restoration and reconstruction
  • European experiences in stability restoration and reconstruction
  • African experiences in stability restoration and reconstruction
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