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Lecture “The will to change and face the legacy of political violence in Libya”

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In the cultural activity of the Libyan Organization “Against Violence and Hate Speech”, Salam Abukhazam delivered a lecture on “The Will to Change and Confront the Legacy of Political Violence in Libya” at the headquarters of the General Authority for Tourism.

The lecturer pointed out that change has been a natural movement of society since ancient times. He quoted the change led by the noble messenger 1400 years ago. He emphasized the need to have the principle of accepting the other and coexisting peacefully, and respect for others.

He also mentioned the agreement on the terms of the social contract that establishes a modern civil state in which there is no room for violence and domination by any person on the other, whether agreed with them or disagreed intellectually, ideologically, sexually or religiously.

Tariq al-Badri, a member of the organization, said that the organization seeks to combat violence and hate speech in the political and media fields. It offers lectures that have been programmed weekly to raise the level of intellectual awareness, which provides opportunities for meaningful discussion aimed at respecting the other party’s opinion quietly and without resorting to verbal or physical violence.

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