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Kajman: Financial allocations worth 100 million dinars for security and military arrangements

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A meeting was held on Wednesday at the Media Center of the Prime Minister in Tripoli, a press conference following the fifth ordinary meeting of the Prime Minister, in which MP Abdel Salam Kajman spoke in the presence of MP Ahmed Hamza, the Ministers of Interior, Labor and Rehabilitation, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense. The meeting focused especially on the Libyan crisis in the south, where it was decided to form a committee dealing with the security and military aspects in coordination with the Minister of the Interior Commissioner, the Minister of Finance and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, in addition to the two intelligence and general intelligence.

He referred to the events of the South, which are very dangerous in the presence of criminal gangs that violate Libyan sovereignty and threaten national security and armed robbery, praising the efforts of the armed military formations and supporting forces to deter the gangs in Umm al-Arban and Tamsa. The subject and confront these bands of Chadian opposition and the Justice and Equality forces of Sudan, according to him.

He pointed out that there are financial allocations approved by the Council of Ministers for security and military arrangements for the southern regions with a value of 100 million dinars as a first payment.

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