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Head of UNSMIL holds press conference in Zuwarah

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The head of the UN Support Mission to Libya UNSMIL, Ghassan Salama, held a press conference on Sunday when he visited to the city of Zuwarah. He was surprised by the words of the Libyan Foreign Minister and Al-Sarraj stressing that the government wants to strengthen the role of the UNSMIL and resolve security disputes.
Ghassan Salama explained that the elections are required, but that they require conditions such as an electoral law, and the acceptance of the election results.
Salamah said that the General National Congress is still in place. Preliminary preparations have been made for the conference: “I will report on it within two weeks. We have to bring together the conflicting Libyan parties under one roof, calling on the current bodies to carry out their work and there are other plans if they do not work. I hope that we won’t need these plans. I expect to produce the election law, and we will not accept the survival of the bodies on their chairs forever.”
At the end of the press conference, Salama waved the fight against corruption and the imposition of sanctions to combat it, pointing out that the time of impunity has passed.
During his visit, he met with the dean of the municipality, the members of the municipal council, the chairman of the Council of Elders and Shura Council and the directors of the service sectors in the city. The meeting tackled the latest developments in the Libyan arena and the role of the UN mission in supporting reconciliation and elections. The Constitution, which did not include the Amazigh, the adoption of the electoral law, and the role of the mission in pressing the objects present to proceed with the elections.
During the meeting, Salameh addressed some of the service problems facing the Municipality, especially the Zuwarah General Hospital and the City Airport.
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