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End of the electoral process for four municipal councils

Libyan Cloud News Agency – Tripoli

The Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections (CCMCE) held a press conference in Tripoli on Thursday to declare the closing of polling stations for the municipal elections of Swani Bani Adam, Hay Al-Andalus, Qasr Al-Akhyar and Zliten.

 The chairman of CCMCE, Salem Bin Tahia, explained that the electoral process for the four municipalities started at 9 o’clock on Thursday morning and continued until seven in the evening.

The total number of voters in Zliten reached 47,466. There were 53 polling centers and 146 stations, in addition to six monitoring organizations and 136 observers.

The total number of voters in Hay Al Andalus reached 34,000. There were 49 polling centers and 111 stations, in addition to 15 monitoring organizations and 236 observers.

The total number of voters in Qasr Al-Akhyar reached 10,285. There were 13 polling centers and 34 stations, in addition to two monitoring organizations and 12 observers.

The total number of voters in Swani Bani Adam reached 16,835. There were 14 polling centers and 49 stations, in addition to four monitoring organizations and 33 observers. 

Bin Tahia indicated that the electoral process was not easy as a result of the power outage, noting that the electoral program is still continuing in the months of January, February and March until all municipalities are completed.

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