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Constitutional Commission discusses with UNSMIL referendum law on constitution

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A delegation from the Constitutional Assembly to draft the constitution CDA on Sunday affirmed the right of the people to adopt the permanent constitution of the country and their right to referendum on it during a meeting of a number of members of the CDA with the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Ghassan Salama, and his deputy Stephanie Williams in Tripoli.

A member of the founding body to draft the draft constitution, Nadia Omran, said that a delegation from the body chaired by the Chairman of the constituent body to draft the draft constitution met with the head of UNSMIL and his deputy at the mission headquarters in Tripoli. She noted that the dialogue focuses on the developments of the constitutional process and the referendum law on the permanent constitution of the country.

The delegation also discussed the preparations of the constituent body for constitutional awareness before the referendum. And how to overcome the obstacles that could block the referendum, explaining that possible alternatives were discussed to reach the completion of the constitutional process and the transition to a state under a permanent constitution.

Amran noted that the UN mission stressed the importance of completing the institutional process and respecting the choices of the Libyan people and their commitment to support the constitutional process.

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