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Ceremony of delivery and receipt of new Minister of Interior of GNA

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The handing over ceremony was held on Thursday morning at the Ministry of the Interior in the Government of National Accord GNA. The fare-well ceremony of the former minister, Abdel Salam Ashour, and the welcoming of the new minister, Fathi Bash Agha, who was assigned last week, under Resolution No. (137) of 2018, by the Presidential Council.

The head of the Extradition and Receiving Committee, Director of the Tripoli Security Directorate, directors of departments in the ministry and a number of officers, non-commissioned officers and employees attended the ceremony.

The brass band opened the ceremony with the police anthem, speeches on the occasion, followed by the handover ceremony.

“I hope that God will help him in his new duties. I also hope that all officers and non-commissioned officers will join and stand together in order to spread security and achieve the police message,” the former minister told #Libyan_Cloud_News_Agency.

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